• URA Holdings plc Investor Information


Peter Redmond, Chairman

Peter Redmond, the Chairman of URA, is a corporate financier with some 40 years' experience in corporate finance and venture capital. He has acted on and assisted a wide range of companies to attain a listing over many years, on the Unlisted Securities Market, the Full List and AIM, whether by IPO or in many cases via reversals, across a wide range of sectors, ranging from technology through financial services to natural resources and biotech, in recent years often as a director and  shareholder of the companies concerned. He has been active over many years in corporate rescues and reconstructions on AIM and in reverse transactions into a range of investing companies. He was a founder director of Cleeve Capital plc (now Big Blu Broadband plc), Mithril Capital plc and Silver Falcon plc (now Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals plc), all of which were admitted to the Standard List of the London Stock Exchange, and took a leading role in the reconstruction and refinancing of AIM-quoted Kennedy Investments plc (now Kazera Global plc) and 3Legs Resources plc (now Salvarx Group plc). He is a director of Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals plc AIM-quoted Pires Investments plc and Ananda Developments Plc

Jeremy Sturgess-Smith, Director

Since May 2018, Jeremy has been involved in the corporate development of a number of small cap companies and was part of the team that led the IPO of the UK’s second publicly quoted medical cannabis investing company, Ananda Developments Plc. He has played a key role in Ananda’s first three investments and is responsible for corporate finance, investor relations and strategy. Jeremy has been working on the reorganization of URA in a consulting capacity since September 2020. 

Charles Morgan, Director

Charles Morgan is a resources and technology venture capitalist who has identified emerging sectors and acquired early stage and strategic positions in a wide range of ventures around the globe. He has a proven track record in identifying early stage commercial opportunities and acting as a corporate catalyst, acquiring strategic assets and positions, partnering with regional and technology experts, securing teams of appropriate executives and funds to build and develop projects and companies. Mr Morgan started his career in futures broking in London with M.L. Doxford & Co and left to join merchant bank Morgan Grenfell Limited in Sydney, Australia before moving to broking with ANZ McCaughan Dyson Limited in Melbourne and London. He then joined BZW Securities Limited in London before going back to Australia to form Morgan McFarlane a licensed securities dealer which raised equity funds for (mainly) Perth based mining and oil exploration companies. Mr Morgan is involved in investing in various businesses and start-ups in the UK and San Francisco including Neuro‐Bio Ltd (discoverer of cause and potential drugs for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Motor Neurone Disease), TGMatrix (shipper and transport matching engine), Brytlyt (GPU based data base analytics), PensionBee (gathering people’s various pensions into one), Teamable (social media based employment) and Headnote (de‐chequing legal firms in the US). He is currently Chair of Ananda Developments Plc, Grand Gulf Energy Limited and Whitebark Energy Ltd.